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SAANSS- The Essence of Sustainability

AltTech Foundation is the spearhead organisation behind SAANSS. At AltTech Foundation the focus is on Convergence.


How can you enable conscious thinking on energy efficiency, on non-fossil, renewable energy, and, incubation of a bunch of technologies for both sides of the resource equation for water and energy — the demand- and supply-side?


At Alt Tech Foundation we believe that if you know how to ask, more than half the job is done. This is central to all the foundation has to offer. Its a team of mentors that speak their mind. Know more about the AltTech mentors.

SAANSS, is a pioneering series of MDPs curated, led and delivered by industry leaders.

The SAANSS Series is relevant to all vocations relating to engineering, architecture, business management, and occupations that are pursued by graduates and post graduates in disciplines of Sciences, Commerce and Humanities.

Programme Highlights

Interactive real-time online

Interactive real-time online sessions

Project Co-Creation by Doing.png

Project Co-Creation by Doing

Upskill for Leadership.png

Upskill for Leadership

Peer sharing.png

Peer sharing

Higher Job Prospects.png

Higher Job Prospects

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Online and Interactive

Award-winning Experienced Mentors.png

Award-winning Experienced Mentors

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Case Studies of Live Projects

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Learn at Your Own Pace