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Buildings Water management and synthesis

Learn the dynamics of daily demand for water on any building and solutions you can deploy.

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Buildings Energy Management and Synthesis

Beginners guide to Energy Efficiency and Energy Productivity and savings you can effect.


Client Consultant Dynamics

Create or interpret a client’s brief and offer inflections that save cost and enhance impact.

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Buildings & Data Analytics

Learn to use data analytics for costs and efficiencies you can create and monitor.

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Green Accreditation Professionals and Career Options

Guide to becoming an accredited sustainability professional.

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Deep Decarbonisation Practices for Buildings and Built Environment

Learn to create low-carbon approaches in new or existing building.


Climate Action & Resilience

How does a gaping Ozone Hole or Global Warming affect your business or your life, and what should you do about it.


Rural Settlements & Governance

Learn to identify, develop and promote ecologically sustainable livelihoods.

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 SmartCity Management

The basics of SmartCity initiatives and how you could find a career option in the growing numbers of projects across 150 cities in India

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Corporate Sustainable Practices

Understanding the practical edges of city plans of industry, Govt and of citizens on sustainable urban development.